To be authentic, we must cultivate the courage to be imperfect — and vulnerable. We have to believe that we are fundamentally worthy of love and acceptance, just as we are. I’ve learned that there is no better way to invite more grace, gratitude and joy into our lives than by mindfully practicing authenticity.”— Brené Brown 



Authenticity is hard…

Authenticity demands that we connect to our hearts and speak from there…allowing our true selves to be seen. …exposed, raw…vulnerable.

It’s uncomfortable and difficult to achieve, especially if we’re worried about what everyone else thinks. If we’re worried about judgment it’s never gonna work.

…and it’s essential for connection.

As human beings, we learn from our experiences and the trauma in our lives, that we have to protect ourselves…develop walls and ‘thick skin’. We learn as very young children how to create barriers and live with those as protection.

Authenticity demands that you not only embrace this vulnerability but also speak from your heart despite persecution and judgment.

So why do we need to be authentic?

Because that joy…that spark…that eternal fire that is locked inside of you, can only be released if you embrace authenticity. If you live into your true self, without apology and loving who you are, you’ve nailed it. You’ve found what we’re all looking for…


So if you’re feeling kind of like “is this it?”…

Take a peek inside.

Are you connected to your soul? And, are you living into that authentically?


  1. Learn to look at how you operate, objectively.  Looking at your behavior from an objective lens can clarify what’s really going on.
  2. Examine your belief systems.  When did they start and what were the events surrounding those?
  3. Be aware of discrepancies between your actions or how you are in the world, and your beliefs
  4. Develop courage.  Move through fear to what lays on the other side.
  5. Challenge your beliefs.  Don’t believe everything you think.
  6. Explore love and compassion for others.
  7. Challenge your values.  Explore what is important to you.
  8. Allow yourself time to develop authentically.
  9. Release beliefs that no longer serve you.
  10. Become truthful – make speaking the truth your new habit.
  11. Make decisions consciously.
  12. Listen to your intuition.
  13. Strive to improve.

The future necessitates that we change…that we embrace authenticity.

We must get real.

That’s the only way we will truly connect to each other and ultimately ourselves.

It is within this authenticity and our ability to connect, that we change how we feel.


Katrina Murphy
Katrina Murphy

Katrina Murphy is a Professional Intuitive Mindset and Confidence Coach in Ontario, Canada, serving clients across Canada and internationally. Katrina helps professionals to change the relationship that they have with themselves so they can reconnect both in their relationships and at work. She’s been featured in various publications and is the creator of the Power-Passion-Purpose Framework.

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