Katrina is passionate about helping people fully embrace every part of their lives.  She believes that everyone is looking for the same thing:  HAPPINESS.

Her programs are designed with this in mind and with the goal of mastering the relationship we have with ourselves. 

To change this relationship facilitates a shift in what we fundamentally believe about ourselves.  Master this, and success comes easily, whatever that looks like for you.  Be it relationships, finances or career, it’s all tied into what we believe.

“We all just want to be happy.  But the journey to happiness is often thought about in terms of relationships or money or career, and it is none of these things. 

The answers you’re looking for lie within you.”

  • Katrina holds an honours degree in Psychology from Trent University, in Ontario Canada.
  • She is a Professional Life Coach certified by the International Coach Federation-accredited training program, at the Life Purpose Institute in Los Angeles, California.
  • Katrina is highly empathic in her abilities to not only relate to her clients but in understanding their feelings and perspective.  This lends her a unique ability to meet her client’s emotional needs.
  • She is also highly intuitive as a coach and uses this to sense the energy of her client’s and within the conversation.
  • Katrina holds 20+ years of experience in understanding human behaviour,  business development and entrepreneurship.

“Katrina brings powerful insight, brilliant intuition, humour, tenacity, loyalty, calm sensibility and compassion to each of her clients.”

Hi, I’m Katrina

…a certified Life Coach, Confidence Coach, Mentor and Facilitator.

Throughout my coaching practice, I’ve helped hundreds of women (and a few men) reconnect and build self-confidence by being unapologetically themselves.

For years, I struggled with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.  I was a master at wearing a mask and hiding who I truly was.  My past dictated my worth and my self-esteem was based on my achievements. 

My journey of self-discovery began when I realized that I didn’t want to feel like a victim anymore.

I was just DONE.

The solution was there all along…inside me….waiting for me to reconnect the dots.  

Letting go of my need for external validation and building self-confidence was not a walk in the park. I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and say awful things to yourself; to feel lonely or rejected by your partner; to wait around for permission to go after your goals because you feel like you’re not good enough as you are…

You just need to heal the past, rewrite your story, and become the confident person that you deep down know you were meant to be.

After I graduated, I dove into the business world.  I became a mother and developed businesses on the side, always feeling like there was something missing. I felt this strong desire to help other women who were going through the same experiences as me: feeling like they weren’t good enough, questioning every little reaction from their family, putting other’s needs before their own…

Fast forward to today, I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you. It’s my wish that you reconnect to that part of you where your fire burns.  Where your confidence grows.  And where you validate yourself from a place of love.

10 things to help you get to know me:


  • I’m a married mom of 2 exceptional boys (of course…lol) and 1 fur baby.
  • I’m both an introvert and an extrovert.
  • I love to write.  Blog posts, Social posts, journaling…it doesn’t matter. This was probably the greatest gift from my university career.
  • At the age of 12, the question “why am I, me?” plagued my thoughts.  It wasn’t until much later in my life, that I found my answers.
  • My own journey has included anxiety and a struggle for self-acceptance.
  • I love music:  I dance alone and sing loudly in the car even if people stare.
  • I love to laugh…and sometimes it’s loud.
  • I am addicted to creativity.  The release of emotions brings me clarity.
  • I learn from my clients all the time.  To experience their resilience and dedication is my privilege.
  • I believe connection is key.

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How I Give Back

It’s incredibly important to me to not only invest in myself and my personal growth, but to invest in the lives of others.  Because I’m motivated to create emotional health and resilience, I give back to my community in 2 ways:

  1. Coach Mentoring:  I dedicate a specific number of hours each month to coaching my peers, free of charge.   Coaching another Coach offers a unique opportunity to both give back and learn at the same time.  If you’re interested in applying to my Mentorship program please contact me and specify “mentorship” in your message.
  2. Pro Bono Coaching:  In 2020 I implemented a program to provide support and coaching for individuals without the resources to dedicate to personal development.  This program was particularly successful during the pandemic when we saw rates for anxiety and depression skyrocket.  This program is available to individuals at the discretion of Coach Katrina. 


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