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If you’re a successful professional, business leader or founder and you want to step forward more powerfully, grounded and authentic…

Let me show you how!

“Katrina’s executive life coaching was completely different…  She gave me the opportunity to voice frustration, joy, and current challenges in a safe environment with no judgment.  We talked about both work and my relationships with my children and family. She gave me the freedom to take the conversation anywhere I needed while continually providing valuable insights…” ~ Jim, CIO, Illinois




 Third-party or external coaching can offer a safe and unbiased support solution for your team members.  To learn more, please email me directly at info@katrinamurphycoaching.com

Hi, I’m Katrina

I’m passionate about transformation:  Unlocking inner wisdom, facilitating authenticity and allowing a sense of peace and freedom to flow both personally and professionally.

I care deeply about…


  • Connecting your to that authentic version of who you really are.
  • Creating a life of balance.
  • Transporting you from auto-pilot to restoring purpose in your life.
  • Uncovering the habits and blocks that gain strength in the shadows.
  • Creating conditions for you to truly show up in your life: resourced, passionate and uplifted. 

I hold a safe space for you to speak honestly about your life.  As your Executive Life Coach, I will hold a compassionate mirror to reflect what’s holding you back and going on behind the scenes.  Together, we’re going to create a life of greater peace, purpose and ease.



Begin with mindfulness


Acknowledge your power


Lead by values & priorities


Act with intention


Nurture clarity


Cultivate connection


Experience confidence

We’re going to pause – for a moment. Mindfulness is the gateway to self-awarenes and emotional intelligence.


We’ll take a look at your power and sense of owenership over your life.


Connecting with your values and priorities will strengthen your vision and mission .


We set a deep intention to align with your values, priorities and who you are.


We will peel back the layers to get very clear on what you are creating.


Together we will create tools for communication and greater connection.


Authenticity will cultivate confidence, and direct humanity into your life and leadership.

Bringing out the best in you

Increasing energy and power with executive life coaching

What My Clients Say …

What surprised me...

Working with Katrina impacted me in ways that surpassed my initial needs and goals.  When I first connected with Katrina I was depleted, exhausted and drained.  Over the course of our coaching sessions, I could feel my energy, zest, sense of humour and optimism coming back.

What surprised me, was that I had certain mindsets and beliefs that were underlying my habits that I didn’t even know were there, but they were obstructing me from living my true self and my best life.  I am stronger, more confident, more energized and more balanced as a result of my coaching experience with Katrina.

Katrina uses a gentle, insightful and wise approach through questioning, encouragement and mirroring. This helps her clients to self-reflect, adapt, adjust and re-envision. The result is that they can be free to live a lighter, more joyful life of their choosing.

Jennifer – Elementary School Principal, Ontario

Katrina challenged me...

There are so many differences I’ve noticed in my time with Katrina.  I feel that I’ve really reached a breakthrough where I can start showing up and honouring myself.  With Katrina, I felt she really challenged me to push through to what’s behind my ‘issues’ while also being really heard and understood.

I went into coaching looking for guidance on how to communicate more effectively.  This has gone so far beyond what I anticipated to gain. It took me back to the core issues I’ve been struggling with which has better positioned me to deal with so many aspects of my life.  I was admittedly hesitant about signing up but am so thankful for it and would, without a single doubt, recommend it to anyone. It truly has impacted my life for the better.

Carly – Project Managaer, Ontario

She gave me the freedom...

When I was promoted to my current role, I had the pleasure of being coached by Katrina Murphy for the first few months on the job.

I had expectations about coaching from prior jobs… but Katrina’s coaching was completely different.  She gave me the opportunity to voice frustration, joy, and current challenges in a safe environment with no judgment. We talked about work but also spent a great deal of time talking about my relationships with my children and extended family. She gave me the freedom to take the conversation anywhere I needed while continually providing valuable insights for me to ponder.

I highly recommend Katrina as a coach. She cares about my success but ultimately wants me to be a better person.

Jim – CIO, Illinois

I honestly really like myself...

I honestly really like myself now. I don’t think I ever had a legitimate relationship with myself before or even registered that there needed to be one. Because of our work together, everything in my life has changed. My confidence and the way I show up has totally changed. 

Emily – director of Finance – Montreal

I have gained valueable insight...

After working with Katrina for 12 weeks, I have gained valuable insight and tools to handle the stress and anxiety that has been holding me back for years. I wasn’t sure what coaching was or how it could benefit me, but I went in with an open mind, and I am so glad I did. Katrina has a way of offering guidance and suggestions without judgment.

Changing my mindset has been such a key in my success. In making a few changes in how I schedule and plan my day, I am able to be more productive and organized. Katrina helped me examine some of the causes of my stress and anxiety, then helped me put together tools to help me address and overcome them.

Michele – CFO – Maryland

She has improved my ability to be vulnerable...

Katrina and I have been working together for two months.  She does a wonderful job of creating client awareness. She asks critical questions and brings a warmth and empathetic approach to the environment. I have been able to develop my own skills in personal and professional settings through her guidance. As a male, she has improved my ability to be vulnerable and presented ways to increase my emotional intelligence as well as empathy. It has been a pleasure and honor to work closely with Katrina. I highly recommend you schedule time with her if you are seeking empowerment.

Keegan – Coach,Virginia

Meaningful and revealing discussion...

I can’t tell you when I’ve had a more meaningful and revealing discussion. Your critical listening and objective, yet personal response was spot on. Immediately after our meeting, I had to sit for a few minutes with your words, letting them absorb and marinate. As you very well know, you are excellent at what you do! You’ve touched on pain points that are holding me back from living in my truth. I’m now better prepared to challenge my fears.

Carolyn – corporate social responsibility, Connecticut

I didn't realize that I was one decision away...

I didn’t realize that I was only one decision away from completely changing my life. I had 12 sessions with Katrina and it changed my life. At the beginning, I was stuck – caught in brain fog – but through my work with Katrina, I found the answers to get unstuck and move forward (personally and professionally). I made bold moves that improved my life.

Marie Soleil – Independent Small Business Owner, Montreal

She challenged me...

Katrina is a powerful coach. She challenged me. She gives you the chance to explore where you need to grow and she’s not afraid to help you lean into the discomfort that’s necessary for growth. Katrina will help you go deep to find the route of the problems to help free you up to have more confidence in yourself at the core so you can take this out into the world. She can help you see the things you can’t so that you can be your best version!”

Jon – Hypnotherapist & Coach, London

Why an ICF accredited Coach?

Life Coaching is more popular than ever and it’s hard to distinguish where to invest yourself in your personal development.

As a client. it’s important to know that you are working with a competent, ethical and trustworthy Coach.

At Katrina Murphy Coaching, my accreditation as an Executive Life Coach is part of my ongoing commitment to my own professional development.  As an Associate Accredited Coach, designated by the International Coaching Federation, you are assured that not only have I trained in the skills and techniques of coaching, but I continue to do so.  Furthermore, I also adhere to the strict code of ethics as laid out by the ICF.

It’s important to me to conduct myself with authenticity, empathy and professionalism.


Katrina changes how leaders show up.

Using her innovative BALANCE framework in combination with mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence training, she elevates professionals to heightened energetic presence.  At Katrina Murphy Coaching, executive life coaching is purposeful and achieves synergy of personal and professional goals.

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