GUEST AUTHOR:  Krishiiv Lahrani

Are you tired of feeling like life is out of your control? It’s time to change that. While you can’t control everything, there’s a way to tap into what you can control and transform your life for the better.

Let me share my own experience, there was a time when my internship got suspended during the first lockdown of Covid. That same day, I decided to proactively work on my communication skills since I have a stutter. Covid was not in my control but how I used this time to improve my communication skills was in my control. Participated in online stuttering meetings where I met hundreds of people who faced similar problems to mine, and learnt about how they dealt with challenges in their daily life, then tried implementing them which again was in my control. Today, I communicate and express myself in public much better than prior to covid. How? Simply focused on what was in my control and left the rest (covid, the recession, and the suspended internship) to the universe.

Now, imagine a life where challenges can be overcome, stress is a thing of the past, and happiness is your constant companion. All is within reach once you understand what you can control.

External factors like the weather, the economy, and other people may try to control your life, but they don’t have to. Shift your focus to what truly matters—what you can control Avoid creating additional problems because misery is going out of fashion.

Imagine yourself as a person who is completely focused, consistent, and equipped with everything you need. Your positive mindset becomes a superpower, opening doors to better opportunities and a more fulfilling life.

But it doesn’t end there. Success and failure may be uncertain, your actions & response to it are completely yours.

Use a simple formula to identify what’s in your control, and let go of the rest. This frees you from unnecessary stress and toxicity.

Embracing what you can control will transform your life in unimaginable ways. You’ll experience simplicity, streamlined tasks, and intense dedication. Your results will improve, and you’ll become more efficient while enjoying a stress-free mind.

You also have the power to shape who you are by choosing how you want to be. Your happiness becomes your responsibility by prioritizing yourself. This will reduce your stress levels while giving you a profound sense of joy.

Are you ready to take control of your life? Tomorrow is a fresh start, full of energy and excitement. Take charge of yourself, your actions, your attitude, and your being. Trust me, the results will exceed your expectations.

Time to live life on your terms Unleash your inner power.

About Krishiiv: Krishiv likes to support individuals in terms of personal development, spirituality, and pursuit of life goals, all of which helped him experience a transformation in his journey. Having overcome the lack of early guidance, he now strives to be that guiding force for those facing challenges Extending his hand with empathy and understanding, offering valuable insights, encouragement, and practical strategies to empower others on their unique journey of self-discovery, inner growth, and the fulfilment of their aspirations.

Katrina Murphy

Katrina Murphy

Katrina Murphy is a Professional Intuitive Mindset and Confidence Coach in Ontario, Canada, serving clients across Canada and internationally. Katrina helps professionals to change the relationship that they have with themselves so they can reconnect both in their relationships and at work. She’s been featured in various publications and is the creator of the Power-Passion-Purpose Framework.

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