You are brilliant and successful.

Your achievements are extensive and yet sometimes it’s hard to feel that sense of success. The feeling of accomplishment is always just out of reach because it feels like something is still missing.

To everyone else, things look great on the outside.  But to you it’s like a piece of the puzzle is lost.

Like you’ve missed something…


Our partnership will provide you with the safe space, tools, support and guided reflection that will take you to the next level. 

Both professionally and personally, our work together will transform how you see yourself, your productivity and your potential.



It’s not an either/or.

Each individual is unique and thus, my coaching programs are specifically tailored to each person.

However in my experience, that there are several commonalities among professionals and high-achievers that can be challenging:


      • Reducing stress, worry & overwhelm
      • Building resilience
      • Communicating effectively
      • Connecting in relationships
      • Creating work/life balance
      • Foundational self-relationships
      • Confidence
      • Self-sabotaging behaviours
      • Emotional Disconnect
      • Authentic interactions
      • Trusting your own intuition

My Coaching blends strategies from positive psychology, mindfulness and traditional coaching techniques in a holistic approach.  Our partnership offers you a supportive, safe space for you to unburden and unwind.  Within that space, you will speak to what it is that holds you back and slows you down.  Together, we will look at things through a different lens, challenge your thinking and develop new strategies for change.

In a coach/client relationship, you hold the agenda. As your coach, I’m trained and skilled in providing you with insight, support, and the direction you need to achieve the goals you have in mind. In other words, position you to reach your goals sooner than later when trying to do it on your own.



Client Results

Katrina Murphy is one of those rare people who bring a genuineness and a laser accurate focus to her coaching. I cannot even begin to count the many ways she has helped me grow, stretch, and break through barriers!

What is unique is how Katrina leads you through her process in a way that lets you discover your path forward. She literally lets you open the door yourself! It really is that “AHA” moment. Which is why she is my permanent coach!

All the most successful athletes, artists, businesspeople all use coaches. If you are looking to improve, get better, grow, push beyond your current self, I highly recommend you have a conversation with Katrina. You will be better for it.”
Scott, Independant Wealth Managment – NY

After working with Katrina for 12 weeks, I have gained valuable insight and tools to handle the stress and anxiety that has been holding me back for years.  I wasn’t sure what coaching was or how it could benefit me, but I went in with an open mind, and I am so glad I did.  Katrina has a way of offering guidance and suggestions without judgment.

Changing my mindset has been such a key in my success.  In making a few changes in how I schedule and plan my day, I am able to be more productive and organized.  Katrina helped me examine some of the causes of my stress and anxiety, then helped me put together tools to help me address and overcome them.”      Michele, CFO – Maryland

Working with Katrina impacted me in ways that surpassed my initial needs and goals.

When I first connected with Katrina I was depleted, exhausted, drained…Over the course of our coaching sessions, I could feel my energy, zest, sense of humour and optimism coming back.

I am stronger, more confident, more energized and, definitely, more balanced as a result of my coaching experience with Katrina.

Katrina uses a gentle, insightful and wise approach through questioning, encouragement and mirroring.  This helps her clients to self-reflect, adapt, adjust and re-envision who they want to become or to reclaim the parts of themselves they may have forgotten or buried.  The result is that they can let go of constraints and burdens and be free to live a lighter, more joyful life of their choosing.”     Jen, Principal – Ontario

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