Personal Coaching to Enhance Balance & Calm

You are brilliant and successful.

Your achievements are extensive and yet there are feelings of stress, worry or anxiety that are overwhelming.

Just having a thinking partner can relieve so much of this discomfort, but we’re nto going to stop there.  We’re going to specifically boost your resilience so that there’s a better balance when stress enters.

Our partnership will provide you with the safe space, support and guided reflection that will take you to the next level.  Whether that is professionally or personally, our work together will transform how you see yourself and your potential.

You will notice that your stress level will dissipate, there will be a shift in your energy, your feeling of balance will skyrocket and feelings of calm will wurround you.

Professional Performance & Personal Well-being.

It’s not an either/or.

Each individual is unique and thus, my coaching program is specifically tailored to that person.  However, it has been my experience that there are commonalities among professionals and high-achievers.


      • Reducing stress, worry & overwhelm
      • Strategic communication
      • Creating balance so you have energy at home
      • Delegation and empowering others
      • Confidence (Imposter Syndrome)
      • Creating a connected culture (empathy, compassion)
      • Authenticity (not Perfectionism)

My Coaching blends strategies from positive psychology, mindfulness and traditional coaching techniques in a holistic approach.  Our partnership offers you a supportive, safe space for you to unburden and unwind.  Within that space, you will speak to what it is that holds you back and slows you down.  Together, we will look at things through a different lens, challenge your thinking and develop new strategies for change.

I believe:

• Meaningful growth occurs when individuals address their challenges and take personal responsibility for driving change within themselves.

• We are most impactful when we embrace our own authenticity and our relationships benefit immensely from each person bringing their full and unique selves to their work. I create safe, trusting spaces for discovery and amplification of individual strengths and greater collaboration.

• Every experience is designed for one purpose: Learning. Our greatest learning comes from our biggest challenges and I excel at finding patterns often missed and articulating connections designed to broaden perspectives while creating unique, innovative solutions.

I see you as a whole person and am not simply coaching you on what you “do”.  When we focus on your personal well-being, your productivity naturally skyrockets.


My program is more of a framework, offering a boutique-style approach to coaching the individual to their specialized needs.  Key themes in my coaching are divided into two sections:


  • Presence – cultivate self-awareness to comprehend current mental and physical states
  • Reflection – foster curiosity, honesty, self-compassion to embody wholeness
  • Essentialism – clear the content (‘mental clutter’) and reduce drain and strain
  • Resources – proactive maintenance of healthy conditions to navigate any situation


  • Flourishing (vs languishing) – be engaged, connected and purposeful
  • Psychological capital – feel safe when you are under threat
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – skilfully manage emotions and understand what motivates other people
  • Effective Leadership – Vulnerability (safety for you and others to share feelings and feedback), Confidence, Humility, Empathy



Whatever your goal – increasing confidence, strengthening self-awareness, enhancing leadership skills, improving time management, speeding up decision making, finding better work-life balance or something else – let’s work together to optimize your performance and help you achieve your vision of the future.


In a coach/client relationship, you hold the agenda. As your coach, I’m trained and skilled in providing you with insight, support, and the direction you need to achieve the goals you have in mind. In other words, position you to reach your goals sooner than later when trying to do it on your own.


Together, we will unlock your greatest potential as a leader and influencer.


Client Results

After working with Katrina for 12 weeks, I have gained valuable insight and tools to handle the stress and anxiety that has been holding me back for years.  I wasn’t sure what coaching was or how it could benefit me, but I went in with an open mind, and I am so glad I did.  Katrina has a way of offering guidance and suggestions without judgment.

Changing my mindset has been such a key in my success.  In making a few changes in how I schedule and plan my day, I am able to be more productive and organized.  Katrina helped me examine some of the causes of my stress and anxiety, then helped me put together tools to help me address and overcome them.”      Michele, CFO – Maryland

Working with Katrina impacted me in ways that surpassed my initial needs and goals.

When I first connected with Katrina I was depleted, exhausted, drained…Over the course of our coaching sessions, I could feel my energy, zest, sense of humour and optimism coming back.

I am stronger, more confident, more energized and, definitely, more balanced as a result of my coaching experience with Katrina.

Katrina uses a gentle, insightful and wise approach through questioning, encouragement and mirroring.  This helps her clients to self-reflect, adapt, adjust and re-envision who they want to become or to reclaim the parts of themselves they may have forgotten or buried.  The result is that they can let go of constraints and burdens and be free to live a lighter, more joyful life of their choosing.”     Jen, Principal – Ontario

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