For many people, the idea of creating, building and maintaining healthy relationships can seem daunting.  Especially if you’ve experienced challenges with relationships in the past.

Relationship coaching is for the individual who would like to create something different:  An ability to relate on a deeper level with more meaningful communication, addressing issues that arise without becoming emotionally compromised.

Feeling fulfilled, safe and happy are all possible.

We are social beings and as such, create relationships with people we’re dating, friends, co-workers, family, partners and children.

Whether we’re talking about personal or professional, it’s imperative that you find the support to make these relationships successful.


It’s all about connection.


There are often several elements that can create stumbling blocks within a relationship.  Left unchecked, these will create a dynamic where a once flourishing relationship becomes one of challenge.


My coaching will focus on the following: 


  • Enhanced communication strategies such as active listening
  • Building elements of emotional intelligence
  • Developing and/or rebuilding trust
  • Creating and establishing boundaries
  • Embracing honesty & vulnerability
  • Taking responsibility for your relationship creation
  • Developing respect

Client Results

When I was promoted to my current role, I had the pleasure of being coached by Katrina Murphy for the first few months on the job.  My company had just come through the pandemic, and we were struggling with transitioning from 100% work-from-home to a hybrid working model.

I had expectations about coaching from prior jobs where I would sit in a room with people in similar circumstances, and we would discuss and work on issues we were facing.  The coach would moderate the discussion and typically give us homework to bring to the next session.

Katrina’s coaching was completely different. It was one on one online discussions about anything that was on my mind. She gave me the opportunity to voice frustration, joy, and current challenges in a safe environment with no judgment.  We talked about work but also spent a great deal of time talking about my relationships with my children and extended family. She gave me the freedom to take the conversation anywhere I needed while continually providing valuable insights for me to ponder.

I highly recommend Katrina as a coach.  She cares about my success but ultimately wants me to be a better person.

Thank you, Katrina, for all you gave me.”      Jim, CIO – Illinois


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