“Coaching is about empowering you to realize the genuine wisdom and knowledge you already possess.”


You know that feeling…  The one where something’s just not right?

Something’s not working…and it shows up differently for everyone.

  • overwhelm, stress & anxiety
  • relationship disconnect
  • lack of career mobility
  • reactive parenting & distance in those relationships
  • lack of fulfillment
  • unhappiness
  • no sense of meaning or purpose

This is a reflection of the disconnect we feel within ourselves.


But it doesn’t have to be like this.


Together we can discover what’s at the root of the disconnect and create new awareness and understanding around it.

You can reconnect you to your sense of passion and purpose.

You can feel empowered in your life.

What would real freedom and peace feel like for you?


My Role As Your Coach:

  • to hold space for you
  • to be empathetic
  • to be direct
  • to listen without judgment
  • to challenge your thinking
  • to listen behind your words
  • to give space for difficult emotions
  • to act in your best interests
  • to focus your re-discovery.
  • to facilitate you finding your answers



Coaching is about YOU.  It’s a unique opportunity to focus and move forward on your personal, professional or organizational goals through the exploration of ideas and candid dialogue with a confidential and unbiased professional.


It’s like having a thinking partner

Coaches are involved because you want help with a situation, transition or goal.  We are here to support you.  We help you focus your attention and challenge your thoughts.

You are in charge.  My job is to help you find the answers and uncover any obstacles that are standing in your way.

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