For many people, the idea of creating, building and maintaining healthy relationships can seem daunting.  Especially if you’ve experienced challenges with relationships in the past, you understand how much time, effort and care go into creating the connection that brings out the best in that person.

The same is true for relationships at work.

Current work culture has systematically changed the expectations around leadership and effective people management.  Teams are expecting a deeper level of connection and relationships from those in positions of power.

When we invest in those relationships, we yield one massive benefit:  productivity.

Leadership and connection coaching is for the professional who would like to enhance their relationships at work.  In this changing world of business, it is essential that we deveop the ability to connect on a deeper level with more meaningful communication, empathy and authenticity.




Expectations for business owners and business leaders are at an all time high, demanding that these people lead differently, invest in themselves differently and connect with their teams differently.  When leaders make these changes, their relationships are more meaningful and result in the ability to connect with and motivate their teams during challenging times.

The foundation of this motivation is to create a safe space, unite team members in trust and authenticity and fuel them with strategies around communication and connection.


As a leader in your own business or within an organization, it’s imperative to have the necessary tools at your disposal to create the connection that will motivate your team in times of challenge.

Focused Leadership Coaching Program:


  • Presence – cultivate self-awareness
  • Reflection – foster curiosity, honesty, self-compassion to embody wholeness
  • Essentialism – clear the content and reduce drain and strain
  • Resources – proactive maintenance of healthy conditions
  • Trust & Honesty
  • Responsibility & Respect


  • Flourishing  – be engaged, connected and purposeful
  • Psychological capital & safety – vulnerability & feel safe when you are under threat
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – emotional regulation, self-awareness, empathy & motivation
  • Effective Leadership – Vulnerability (safety for you and others to share feelings and feedback), Confidence, Humility, Authenticity


Client Results

When I was promoted to my current role, I had the pleasure of being coached by Katrina Murphy for the first few months on the job.  My company had just come through the pandemic, and we were struggling with transitioning from 100% work-from-home to a hybrid working model.

I had expectations about coaching from prior jobs where I would sit in a room with people in similar circumstances, and we would discuss and work on issues we were facing.  The coach would moderate the discussion and typically give us homework to bring to the next session.

Katrina’s coaching was completely different. It was one on one online discussions about anything that was on my mind. She gave me the opportunity to voice frustration, joy, and current challenges in a safe environment with no judgment.  We talked about work but also spent a great deal of time talking about my relationships with my children and extended family. She gave me the freedom to take the conversation anywhere I needed while continually providing valuable insights for me to ponder.

I highly recommend Katrina as a coach.  She cares about my success but ultimately wants me to be a better person.

Thank you, Katrina, for all you gave me.”      Jim, CIO – Illinois


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